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Swan River Container Theme Hostel


The project is located by the Swan River in Perth, the capital of Australia, with an area of 200 square meters and is a container theme hotel! It has a Mediterranean climate, with humid winters and long and hot summers. The hot summers are caused by heat waves from the eastern desert winds. However, within a few hours of heat, there will be a cool sea breeze from the southwest. The hot wind and cool breeze in the afternoon make Perth the windiest city in Australia.

The steel frame of the container mobile house produced by our company is stronger and stronger, giving people a sense of security; its heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation effect is excellent, bringing you a comfortable living environment; its quality is enough to adapt to the test of the local climate, and it has won customers Affirmation

The azure Swan River narrows abruptly as it winds through the city of Perth, and then suddenly opens up to form two gourd-shaped lakes, which then join the Kaining River, and finally flow westward into the vast Indian Ocean. As Perth is located on the shore of Swan Lake, it is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The deep blue water of the Swan River leaped and shone with crystal-like multicolored clouds, sparkling even more under the shining of the sun. There are often large flocks of pelicans on the river, and seagulls live on the beach.

The Barrack wharf area in the center of Perth is the sightseeing spot of the Swan River. There are many cafes, bars, restaurants, and cruise ships to take people to admire the beautiful scenery of the Swan River and its banks. The Lake Street Pier set sail and returned about late at night. Star Flyte cruises the Swan River, visitors can enjoy the buffet and drinks on board, and there is a live band on board. Alternatively, you can take a Mystique cruise to Maibu Lei Farm Restaurant for dining, dancing and entertainment.

Living here is very easy and convenient; when the sun sets, walking along the asphalt road along the beautiful Swan River, the breeze is slow, the river is red with the afterglow of the setting sun, and the sky is the red fire cloud of the setting sun, which is extremely spectacular.

We always insist on designing and constructing from the perspective of customers, creating a comfortable and warm living environment for you, and bringing you the feeling of home in a foreign country!