Product advant

Product advantages

Extensive use

At present, box-type products have played an important role in construction sites and temporary construction fields. With the implementation of the national temporary construction standardization requirements, we use the advantages of box-type housing products to comprehensively improve the office and living conditions of temporary construction houses in China, and provide construction workers Create home comfort and warmth.

Shanghai Liangli box house products are also used in tourist attractions, highway service areas, mining areas, field camps, oilfield exploration, military barracks, etc. More and more industries are gradually feeling the many benefits brought by this new type of construction , And the development and utilization of box-style houses abroad has become more in-depth and mature. It has expanded from temporary construction to permanent buildings, commercial office buildings, commercial districts, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes, and leisure villas in the tourism industry. , Motels, hotels, restaurants, etc. have been widely used and tried.

With the huge advantages of saving materials and reducing consumption, there is reason to believe that box-style houses, as a new type of energy-saving and consumption-reducing buildings, will be laid across the country.

Architecture is the container of human life and the best carrier of human wisdom and natural beauty.

From "building" to "intelligent manufacturing", every important breakthrough in the construction method is accompanied by the improvement of human living demand and the overall upgrade of living methods. The box-style house is a powerful promoter of this change.

Standing at the forefront of the box house industry, Shanghai Liangli is willing to always aim to promote the development of China's housing industrialization, and continue to lead the entire industry forward with innovative technology and strong strength.