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Golden Bridge Box Project ~ Do not forget the original intention


--Today's site: Shanghai Jinqiao--

The project is located in the Jinqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone. The meaning of the Jinqiao Box is: hard work and never forget the original intention! The design of the container is more internationalized and more in line with the goal of Jinqiao Development Zone: to create a science and technology industrial park that is most suitable for foreign investment and development, and an international community that is most suitable for foreign businessmen to live;

Containers breed unlimited development and services. The courtyard of the box represents the bright color after precipitation, heralding the revival after silence; the original intention and true character of Jinqiao is the brick and cast iron, traditional innovation, and hard work!

The stairs leading to the second floor are all prefabricated with steel structure, which is integrated with the whole layout style; the roof walkway with anticorrosive wood floor is also very atmospheric, and this area is a leisure area;

There are many compartments in the interlaced space of containers, which can be used for business negotiation, work summary and communication; you can also have a cup of coffee in the busy working afternoon, relax, and improve the happiness of employees;

Container construction is the youngest branch of the building structure system. Container construction has a wide range of uses, with different types and shapes. It can be like Lego blocks and can be combined to create almost anything. They are perfect temporary buildings, public buildings, family homes and other mixed-function buildings.