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China Construction Large-scale Project Command Center


The command center of China Construction Large-scale Project is located in Shenzhen. There are 55 boxes in total including meeting room boxes, office boxes, toilet boxes, staircase boxes, accommodation boxes, and entertainment implementation boxes.

"China Construction" takes the scientific development concept as the fundamental guideline to build a harmonious enterprise, adheres to development as the first priority, adheres to the direction of running the enterprise in accordance with the law, adheres to the goal of "multi-win" for shareholders, companies and employees, and adheres to the establishment of a harmonious Employee relations are fundamental, and the key is to ensure corporate stability and safe production;

The feature of this project is that the departments are distinguished by different colors, and the idea is novel and unique! The leisure area is designed with a spiral staircase and a terrace; it integrates office and entertainment, and insists on creating a harmonious employee relationship as the foundation to create a happy space;

Enterprise mission: expand the happiness space;

Corporate Vision: The most internationally competitive construction and real estate integrated enterprise group;

Core values: quality assurance and value creation;

Enterprise spirit: integrity, innovation, transcendence and win-win!

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