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"One-stop" Epidemic Prevention Emergency Safe House


At present, more and more companies have gradually resumed work and production. How to prevent the epidemic more scientifically and systematically is a new topic that companies need to pay attention to. Lots of people, frequent entry and exit! There are many common-level protection loopholes and many risks. How to improve the level of prevention and control? !

The first batch of “one-stop” special emergency safe houses for epidemic prevention produced by Shanghai Liangli has been sent to Huanggang, Hubei, where body temperature can be measured, disinfected and monitored! Integrate high-tech technology and mobility!

The emergency safe house also has the functions of infrared temperature measurement, ozone disinfection, Internet medical treatment and rescue, and epidemic prevention material storage. During the use of personnel, there is no touch and no infection, which can effectively meet the needs of disinfection, sterilization, isolation and other epidemic prevention functions. .

Set up the safe house at the access control checkpoint, and there is no need to provide personnel for investigation and monitoring during special periods; when a person enters the monitoring range, it will automatically sense, make a temperature check, and confirm identity. If there is an abnormality, it will be reported to the Internet for medical and rescue as soon as possible!

The inside of the safe house is equipped with a chlorine dioxide atomization machine, which can effectively kill the floating aerosol viruses and bacterial propagation in the space; the concentration of the disinfection spray is less than 500ppm (mg/L), which has no effect on the human body; anti-virus, no dead corner sterilization, Scientific and intelligent epidemic prevention!

At the same time, the safe house is also equipped with emergency lockers, equipped with masks, sensory hand sanitizer, disinfection and disposable liquid and other necessary epidemic prevention materials; emergency rescue materials are placed in the first aid box; in case of sudden emergency, it is waiting for rescue Before the car comes to the scene, the on-site staff can take some first aid measures to buy precious time for the medical staff to save the patient's life;

To assist in the epidemic prevention work, Liangli and Jingsen joined forces for public welfare; each leader personally supervised the design, production, manufacturing, hoisting and departure of the safe house!

During the epidemic, we arranged a simple departure ceremony! May the epidemic end soon, China! Go Hubei!

The epidemic is ruthless, people are sentimental, united in one's will! Fight the epidemic, come on together!