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There is such a house, do you go to see the sea together?


Project Description

Location: New Zealand

Design: Irving Smith

Use: residential

In his home in Byrne, New Zealand, he chose to use a shipping container as a prototype. It is close to the sea, so he can live in low-cost houses and enjoy beautiful sea views.

The house is made up of multiple containers stacked, and it also divides the front yard, atrium and backyard. Let's first look at the front yard.

The yard has a large space, and the ground is covered with wooden floors, so you can sit on the ground and watch the scenery at any time.

Tables and chairs are placed in the space of the atrium, where guests gather for dinner and barbecue at night, with a high degree of freedom.

I like the view of the backyard the most. The holiday-style decoration makes me feel isolated from the world.

The simple interior decoration style makes people relaxed and happy. Large floor-to-ceiling windows and movable doors maintain indoor lighting and ventilation.

There is such a house where you can play with your children on the beach every day and watch the sea together; each child’s childhood is only once. I choose to accompany you to grow up slowly and record your growth bit by bit; no one stipulates the way of childhood, as long as He has his own happy memory, that is childhood. Let us weave good memories together and never be absent!