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Rain or shine, roll up your sleeves and work hard!


In order to meet customer needs and complete the delivery tasks on time with quality and quantity, the staff of Liangli worked harder, roll up their sleeves and work hard!

This year's rainy season is particularly long, and it rains almost every day; on the muddy site, our construction staff insist on working in their own posts, and complete tasks with quality and quantity on rainy days.

Overcome difficulties such as tight time, many projects, few field staff in special periods, and construction sites in rainy days: Let's show the achievements of Liangli people since the rainy season;

Special custom boxes, the delivery is also rain or shine!

The packaging method of container-type mobile houses is the choice of customers who have a long distance. A container truck can load 8-10 container-type mobile houses at a time, which fully reduces the logistics cost and carries the whole container;

Busy packing brother, shooting for the camera, gave life a "yeah"! The struggling life is the most exciting! No matter how heavy it rains, so what, your trust and my persistence!

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of container mobile houses. Let us light up our lives and spread positive energy!