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About Star House

Focus on the production of green buildings
Reject "box" pollution and advocate reuse

Shanghai Star House Co., Ltd., established in 2008, is a diversified company specializing in the production and development of container/container houses/container modification/special containers/modular container houses and mid-to-high-end container-style mobile houses. With unremitting efforts and improvement, as well as the improvement of customer recognition/familiarity, it has gradually become one of the leaders in the industry.

Years in the temporary construction industry
The first domestic enterprise to develop and produce containerized mobile houses

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  • Flat Pack
    Container House

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  • Flat Pack Container House

    The slogan can be replaced, modularized containers, factory prefabricated, quick on-site installation, removable, removable, and recyclable

  • Modified Container House

    The slogan can be replaced, modularized container, factory prefabricated, on-site installation is quick and removable, removable, recyclable


Modular building designed for mobility

Our modular buildings are designed for mobility. Since they can be easily disassembled and used again and again, there is almost no waste when installing and disassembling them.
  • Reduce

    emission reduction

    emission reduction

    When designing, developing and manufacturing modular buildings, we must consider reusability, select only reusable materials to limit waste generation, and design components that are easy to disassemble.

  • Reuse



    We or the customers themselves can take back the modular buildings that are no longer needed and refurbish them for reuse.

  • Recycle



    We also work hard to design products to classify any waste generated as resources for recycling.

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