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Classic container success case-Puma City


Project Description

Design: LOT-EK firm

Location: Ports around the world

Uses: shops, bars, lounges

Completion time: 2008

Number of containers: 24

As a masterpiece of brand promotion, this mobile retail and event building is composed of three-story containers. The volume is staggered to create a dynamic outdoor space, a large cantilever and a terrace.

Puma City is a mobile retail and event container building all over the world. It consists of 24 containers, taking full advantage of the existing advantages of the global transportation network. This building can be completely disassembled and loaded on a freighter for ocean transportation. When arriving at different international ports, the building will be repeatedly assembled and disassembled. In terms of its size, Puma City is the first truly mobile container building.

The design concept of the container building is made up of three layers of containers. The dislocation of the volume creates an outdoor space, a large cantilever and a terrace in between. The first floor is composed of two complete retail spaces, both of which are double-layer open spaces with a height 4 times the width of the container, which challenges the modular space scale inside the container; the second floor is the office, work area and warehouse; the top floor is Bar, lounge and an event space with a large terrace.

Puma City is currently one of the largest brand promotion projects. The surface of the container building made up of 24 containers is painted with obvious patterns: the company's huge graphic logo is branded on the facade, but it is incomplete due to the dislocation of the volume. However, the division of such graphics does not affect the complete cognition of the trademark, and even establishes unique identifiability.

The design of Puma City addresses all the construction challenges encountered by similar buildings, including international building codes, severe climate change, electrical sockets and HVAC systems, and is easy to assemble and operate. The container building uses a 12-meter (40-foot) shipping container and many existing container connectors to complete horizontal and vertical assembly. The modular design aims to seal all the large openings on the container with a structural cover plate system, so that it can be nautically transported like an ordinary cargo container, and can be dismantled during on-site assembly to rebuild the large open space indoors.

The overall appearance of Puma City

Puma City at night

Middle aisle in Puma City

Electrical outlets in Puma City

The interior of Puma City