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Isolate for 14 days, experience the little world in the container


The "Glory Box" is an idea put forward by Gu Jiabin, the initiator of the Dacheng Xiaoai Charity Association. It uses waste containers to transform, so that small spaces have complete kitchen and bathroom equipment, and are transported to remote areas to improve the living environment of support teachers.

In order to dispel the worries of teachers who are willing to support education, the current situation of lack of support education teachers in mountainous areas is changed, and more people are encouraged to participate in support education, build nests to attract phoenixes, and achieve complete poverty alleviation through the transmission of knowledge.

Even though this is just a small container, although the space is compact, it is fully functional. It is equipped with living room, separate bathroom, washing machine, kitchen and other equipment. Exquisite design, neat and clean internal environment, complete configuration is amazing.

Due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, Gu Jiabin, the initiator of the Dacheng Xiaoai Charity Association, came to the "Glory Box" base on the shore of Dianshan Lake in Shanghai to be quarantined for 14 days and live live during the quarantine live on the online platform.

Many people are curious about what it's like to live in a container, so let Principal Gu show everyone the experience of staying.

▲The main color of the interior is white, and the white decorative board covers the original wall of the box, with wooden decorative materials, which is simple and stylish.

▲For the convenience of work and study, the living room is equipped with a complete storage space and brightly lit.

▲Large-area glass doors and windows and other equipment are installed in the living room, and the light is spilled on the ground and walls through the doors and windows, which feels warm;

▲The open kitchen design saves space and is beautiful and practical. Standard kitchen equipment, you can cook any food here.

▲The wall of the washing area is matched with a waterproof brick floor, and the shower curtain separates the bathroom and toilet space, making the space more spacious and tidy.

The "Glory Boxes" were delivered to the mountain school one by one,

Whether it’s the waterside of mountains or between grasslands and forests,

The container will be a beautiful and cool landscape,

It will also satisfy the rural teachers' yearning for fashionable urban life.

The future rural schools will have more shadows.

It is believed that the life of support teachers will become more exciting because of them.