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[Creative container] Lock the taste of happiness in one bite


This muffin shop-MR.PAPA Belgian muffin specialty store, located near the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT station in Taipei, is eye-catching and eye-catching with its prominent red container house. Taipei is really an interesting place. Compared with many big cities, people in Taipei are happy, especially the diversified cuisine. Just finished eating authentic Taiwanese flavors such as Songshan Road "Golden Fairy" Lurou Rice, Chicken Rolls, etc., take a few steps. Next door "MR.PAPA" sells Belgian muffins;

The muffin shop has just opened for a month. There are only 3 tables in the shop, which can seat 6 to 8 people. The layout of the shop is in a southern European style. The floors and counters are all new, but they are deliberately worn out and look very retro. , The mural on the wall is also quite cute.

MR.PAPA specializes in all kinds of muffin delicacies, and puts forward a novel operating concept-"Eat muffins to lock love", and specially set up a love lock wall outside the store.

You can get a love lock when you spend a certain limit. This unique and thoughtful design has attracted many young people.

MR.PAPA integrates container elements into the traditional storefront. The entire 20-foot red container is placed on one side of the storefront as a kitchen, and the other side is a dining area. The container head and side panels have been modified to use glass and other materials to design a window for ordering and taking meals. The open kitchen design allows guests to clearly see the internal conditions of the kitchen and the food production process, and customers can eat with confidence.

Although MR.PAPA has a wide variety of muffins, it is recommended to try the original one, because the boss uses imported beet sugar instead of sucrose. This sugar can keep fine crystals after being roasted. It has a rustling taste, but it is not too sweet. A plate of original muffins like this with any kind of drink can be settled within 100 yuan. If you have time, sit down and admire the people on the street and the decoration of the store. , Coupled with the civilian price, it is a little amazing.

During the epidemic, isolate space, but not love!

Life needs this sweet bite, regardless of form or region!

The agreement with spring remains unchanged, and one bite locks the taste of happiness!